A Man Heard a Strange Noise and Sprang Into Action… But Was He Too Late?

By: Riley Brown | Published: Jan 26, 2023

One eventful day, a Colorado resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, was going about his errands when he heard a peculiar and alarming noise coming from a semi-truck nearby. Little did he know this sound would lead him into a difficult and unforeseen predicament he wasn’t prepared for.

Yet, despite not revealing his name to the media, he was more than happy to share his experience with others; for the purpose of this story, we will refer to him as “Mike.”

A Tire Shopping Experience

One chilly October evening, Mike decided to visit a tire shop located in a small suburb town called Commerce City, which is just a 15-minute drive from Denver.


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As he browsed through the tire selection, he was caught off guard by an unexpected sound. It was coming from outside the shop and seemed to be coming from one of the semi-trucks parked nearby. Mike, who was not expecting this turn of events, was taken aback by the strange noise and couldn’t help but investigate further.

There Was No One Else Around

Even though the wind was howling outside, Mike couldn’t help but notice the distressing noise. Out of curiosity, he decided to investigate the source of the sound, not knowing what to expect when he reached the semi-truck.


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To his surprise, he found no one around. It was 2020, and due to state-wide restrictions due to the pandemic and the 19-degree weather, most people had chosen to stay indoors. Yet, that didn’t stop Mike from poking around to find out where the noise was coming from.

He Made It His Mission To Find The Noise

Mike was all alone on the deserted streets and in the empty shop. Even so, he didn’t let that stop him from investigating the source of the noise that had been troubling him. His determination to find the cause was stronger than ever, especially after he realized what was making the distressing sounds.


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Determined to solve the mystery, Mike set off to track down the origin of the cries. He followed the sad sounds to the back of a semi-truck, and after a bit of searching, he finally found the source of the noise precisely as he had suspected.

He Found What He Was Looking For

After scouring around the semi-truck and following the pitiful meows, Mike finally discovered the source of the noise. Hidden under the truck, he found a tiny tabby kitten in one of the tires. Regardless of its small size, the kitten was trapped and frozen to the metal part of the tire rim.


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Mike knew he had to act fast to save the kitten, but the rescue mission would not be easy. He had to think carefully and devise a solid plan considering the cold circumstances that would ensure the safe rescue of the little feline.

He Had To Help

Mike found himself in a difficult predicament as he peered under the semi-truck. The kitten was not only without its mother, but it was also frozen to a piece of metal due to the harsh autumn temperature in Colorado.

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Being so young and without its mother, the kitten would have slim chances of survival in any scenario, but being frozen to metal added another layer of difficulty. Mike knew this was a difficult situation, and he didn’t have all the answers, but he knew one thing for sure, he had to help the kitten. So he was determined to come up with a plan to save the small feline despite the odds stacked against it.


The Rescue Plan Included Using Hot Water

Mike was determined to rescue the tiny kitten and bring it to a safe place, possibly even reuniting it with its mother. The challenge was figuring out how to achieve this task, and he had to think fast and come up with a plan.


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First, the lad decided to run back to the shop to gather warm water, believing that melting the ice would be the best course of action. Nonetheless, Mike soon realized that executing his plan would be much more complicated than he had initially thought.


It Was A Fragile Undertaking

Freeing the kitten from the frozen metal while ensuring that it didn’t get injured was going to be a delicate process, and Mike knew he had a lot on his hands. First, he had to be extremely cautious while using warm water to melt the ice, as he didn’t want to burn the kitten.

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The added challenge was that he had to do all this by himself since he was all alone. Then, once the kitten was freed, he had to ensure it wouldn’t run away. It was a daunting situation, and he wasn’t entirely sure how it would play out. Yet, he started the process with determination and hope.


He Started With The Paws

With the kitten frozen to the metal tire rim with all four paws and its tail, Mike had to thaw it out without injuring it. The gravity of the situation dawned on him, and he knew that he had to act quickly and cautiously to avoid causing further harm to the kitten.


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He began by slowly and methodically thawing out the animal’s paws one by one by gently applying warm water on the ice using a towel. Mike also tried to keep the shivering kitten warm using another towel, as he knew it would be a long process, and he was running against time.


A Lengthy, Delicate Process

The kitten was in a very precarious situation, shivering uncontrollably from the freezing outdoor temperatures, and Mike knew that he had to act with precision and caution. Since he didn’t know how long the kitten was trapped, he was aware that one wrong move could cause serious harm to the kitten’s little paws.

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Therefore, he worked quickly but also made sure not to rush and make a mistake. He was determined not to leave the little tabby kitten alone in the freezing weather and hoped his efforts would be enough to save the feline and bring it to safety.


Freedom At Last

After working tirelessly for half an hour, Mike had finally succeeded in his rescue mission, and he managed to unfreeze the tiny kitten from the metal tire rim. However, his job was not done yet, as the kitten had been exposed to freezing temperatures for an unknown amount of time, and it was likely that it was suffering from hypothermia.


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He knew that the kitten needed urgent medical attention if it was going to survive the rest of the night. With that in mind, Mike carefully wrapped the distraught kitty in a blanket to keep it warm and set off to get the help it needed.


He Had An Idea Of Where To Take It

Mike was at a loss for how long the kitten had been wandering in the harsh weather, but one thing was certain – it was in dire need of medical attention. The kitten’s tiny body was already showing signs of frostbite, and who knew what other ailments it might be suffering from? Either way, Mike was determined to help.

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As he navigated the streets of Colorado, he had a specific destination in mind – where he knew the kitten would receive the best possible care. The situation’s urgency weighed heavily on him as he pressed down on the gas pedal, determined to reach the destination as quickly as possible.


A Place With An Interesting Name

Amidst the chaos, the lad knew exactly where to bring the little kitten he had found. Denver-based animal shelter Dumb Friends League was the perfect place where the kitten could receive the care and attention needed to get well. In addition, the shelter was home to a dedicated team of volunteers passionate about providing a safe haven for animals and helping them thrive.


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Mike was hopeful as he walked through the shelter’s doors, knowing that there was a team of experts inside who were more than capable of performing life-saving operations. Despite the Dumb Friends League name, there was nothing dumb about them, and he was confident that his new feline friend was in the best possible hands.


The Vets Took Over

With his work done, Mike knew there was nothing more he could do, so he brought the kitten inside and entrusted its care to the professionals.

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The veterinary team took their time, carefully examining the kitten and making sure they did everything possible to help it recover. Though it would take some time before the kitten was back to its full strength, Mike was confident that with the help of the dedicated staff at Dumb Friends League, the kitten would be back on its paws in no time.


Mike, The Savior

The kitten’s intense shivering soon began to subside, thanks to Mike’s quick thinking. The staff then conducted some tests, revealing that the only main problem was the frostbite on her paws.


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It was a close call; had Mike not rescued the kitten when he did, it’s likely that she wouldn’t have made it. Mike’s actions were courageous and heroic, and the kitten was already making significant progress toward her recovery. It was a truly heartwarming sight to behold.


Named After A King

After a comprehensive assessment, the Dumb Friends League’s veterinary specialists determined that the tiny tabby was five weeks old. Considering his young age, it was astounding that he survived in the harsh winter weather for so long. Nonetheless, he was kept in the shelter for further observation.

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The staff decided to name the tabby Xerxes as a reminder of his temporary home. Even though he was not an 8-foot-tall Persian king, Xerxes was certainly a resilient kitty; his determination to survive in the hostile winter environment was admirable.


Xerxes Was Recovering Well

Xerxes had come so far in such a short time. After being found in the snow with frostbite on the bottom of his paws, he was now healthy, active, and full of life.


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It was time for the Dumb Friends League to find the tiny kitten a home where he would be loved, cherished, and taken care of for the rest of his life. Regardless of the need to find him a home, they weren’t going to let just anyone adopt him. No, they wanted to make sure Xerxes would be in a safe and loving environment and that whoever adopted him was ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet.


The Kitty Had To Stay In The Shelter For A While

Considering that Xerxes was only five weeks old when he arrived at the shelter, he was way too young for adoption. Fortunately, the kitten was in a safe environment with constant care and attention, which is something a newborn needs.

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The great thing was he always had someone nearby looking out for him, taking care of all his needs and ensuring he had everything he required to stay healthy and happy. Although his stay in the shelter was temporary, Xerxes was surrounded by people who wanted to provide him with love, comfort, and safety.


Xerxes Was Ready To Move Out

Xerxes had come a long way since he was found with frostbite on his paws. Despite his struggles, he was growing strong, and now that he was eight weeks old, he was ready to leave the shelter.


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The staff knew that finding a family for him wouldn’t be a problem, as they had just the right candidate! Xerxes had received love and care from the shelter volunteers, and they were confident that he was ready for his fur-ever home.


Mike Was Ready To Take Him In

When Xerxes was ready to transition from the shelter to his forever home, he probably never expected to be reunited with his rescuer.

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Mike had kept a close eye on the tabby during his recovery, monitoring his progress and ensuring that he was provided with the necessary care to stay healthy and strong. Mike had intended to adopt the kitten when he was completely healed, and now the time had come for the little guy to start his new life.


Welcomed With Open Arms

Mike heard a faint cry on that winter day and set out to find the source. Little did he know that this small act of kindness would change Xerxes’ life forever. When he stumbled across the tabby, shivering in the cold, Mike knew he had to take action. The Dumb Friends League believes that Mike saved Xerxes’ life that day.


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Mike is nothing short of a hero. He saw a need and acted upon it, showing courage and selflessness. Now, Xerxes has found his forever home, where he will be safe, warm, and, most of all, loved. Mike’s compassion and kindness have made the world a better place for one lucky cat.