A-ha’s: Uncovering the Amazing Uses of Vick’s VapoRub

By: Kate Row | Last updated: Feb 28, 2023

It’s not long before you realize you’re no longer a teenager—when the aches of daily activities are eased only with liniments. Thank goodness for Vicks VapoRub! A dab here and there can soothe muscles like never before. But what to do with the rest?

From its hit-or-miss aromatherapy capabilities to nursing yourself through the cold season, you can put your trust in Vicks to help out in almost any situation. 

Out of Breath? 

Let Vicks Help Ease Your Wheezing! We know how it feels when you can’t breathe: Your chest is heavy, your lungs are labored, and that thick mucus just won’t go away no matter how hard you try. 


Source: vinmec.com

Lathering a bit of Vicks Vaporub on your chest, back and shoulders can help ease the discomfort. Just sniffing from the bottle every now and then can do some good. Don’t let out-of-breath moments get you down anymore – help is at hand with the healing power of Vicks!


Save Money and Time on a Lock Makeover! 

Have you got an old lock that isn’t quite doing the trick? Don’t worry – you don’t have to shell out cash for a new one just yet. Instead, give your old lock some TLC with a little simple maintenance. Although you can’t reach far into the internals of your lock, there are things you can do to salvage it. 


Source: intervision.com

Start by coating the key with Vicks and slowly insert it in the keyhole. This will help dislodge any rust buildup inside, then use a bit of lubricant and soon your locking mechanism will be running smoothly again. 

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks!

During pregnancy, it’s essential to take care of your skin. Unfortunately there is always the risk of developing stretch marks. Luckily you can prevent this from happening! With the help of Vicks ointment, you can keep those nasty stretch marks away. 


Source: umiamihealth.org

This magical solution contains both eucalyptus and cedar leaf oils which penetrate deep into the skin and seal in moisture for maximum hydration – providing two coats in just one rubbing! As a busy mom-to-be, this time-saving hack is priceless! Don’t forget to make time for yourself and give your skin all the attention it deserves; after all, you’ll be happy you did!

Soft & Supple Skin With This Easy Skincare Hack

Look no further than VapoRub! For the best results, start by cleansing your face thoroughly with a gentle exfoliant. Gently rub it over your eyelids and cheeks, then rinse with water. You can either allow the skin to air-dry or lightly pat the moisture away before applying some Vicks VapoRub.


Source: mountamanzi.co.za

This trick locks in natural moisture from the environment, making your skin look soft and supple all day long. Plus, it’s extremely affordable and it’s so easy to use this ultimate skin moisturizer. 

Say Goodbye to Chest Congestion This Winter

It’s one of the most painful sensations around, and unfortunately it comes back every season – chest congestion. That awful feeling like your ribs are closing in on your heart and lungs, while your windpipe is infused with resistance causing secretions when you breathe.

Source: hellogiggles.com

Applying Vicks VapoRub could be just like giving yourself a hug from the inside! The warmth from this balm will help ease that sharp pain when coughing or sneezing. It’s also like warming up the cold air passing through your nose. Breathe easy this season now with Vicks VapoRub – self-hugging never felt so good!


No Worms Here! 

Let’s take a closer look at this pesky fungal infection. Contrary to its name, ringworm isn’t caused by a worm – rather it’s a type of fungi that eats keratin found on your skin, hair, scalp, and nails. It can linger around for months until you do something about it.

Source: askapollo.com

But don’t worry – while the irritation and pain may be real now, it can go away if you take care of yourself! The best way to tackle ringworm is by applying Vicks regularly on affected areas. Avoid scratching that itch to prevent the spread of this annoying fungus. No worms here! Keep ringworm away with Vicks!


The Cool, Soothing Solution to Your Itch

Itch getting the better of you? Put your worries behind and try this gentle solution instead! Diverting your attention can help, but if that doesn’t do the trick there are other options. Try dampening the area and applying a thin layer of VapoRub.

Source: pennmedicine.org

This simple step helps since many itches stem from dryness – moisture adds some lubrication and relieves the feeling while menthol gives off an intense yet soothing burn which replaces itself with a cool sensation over time! Now you’ve got everything under control again – no more itching necessary!


Get Pumped and Ready with Natural Pain Relief! 

Ditch the pills and hit the gym with natural pain relief. Slather on some Vicks ointment and work out those pesky rotator cuff muscles—or any other muscle that’s causing you grief—by kneading the area. You might experience a bit of discomfort during this process, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

Source: wetsubpainrelief.com

After massaging your body parts, you’ll be amazed at how much more flexible they are! With greater flexibility comes fewer aches, cramps, and increased endurance to burn calories longer. So say goodbye to synthetic remedies or over-the-counter drugs – hello to natural pain relief!


Keep Your Skin Safe From Infection! 

Itching and scratching can do more than simply irritate your skin – they can actually damage your skin’s integrity. Taking antibiotics to prevent infection might be helpful, but there is also the risk of side effects. Instead, try cleansing the wound first and then sealing it with Vicks ointment!

Source: patientpower.info

The petroleum jelly in the balm will block out unwanted germs and microbes, protecting you from infections without needing a doctor-prescribed drug. Give your skin the TLC it deserves by using Vicks balm for any open wounds or cuts that might arise – no need to suffer unnecessarily when this simple solution is available!


Remove Splinters in No Time

Splinters are such a hassle and there isn’t always an easy way to get them out since they’re so small. We’ve all broke the tweezers out and squinted to try and dig out a tiny splinter. It can take forever and be pretty frustrating at times.

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VapoRub is probably not a solution you even thought of using to extract a splinter from your skin. But it’s actually really effective! The moisture in the gel will naturally lift the splinter from your skin. Not to mention, the soothing ointment will soothe any pain at the same time. Double whammy!


Get Rid of Bumps in No Time! 

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Skin Lumps with a Simple Solution! Smooth Out Your Skin, Without Invasive Surgery – Try This Method Now! Are those bumps on your skin making you feel less than perfect? They might not hurt, but they sure do hurt your ego. 

Source: dermacosm.com

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to even out the texture of your skin. All it takes is some ointment and a couple minutes of effort twice a day for two weeks and you’ll be good as new. Give this simple solution a try, without the worry and expense of invasive surgery. You’re just moments away from looking and feeling flawless again! 


Freshen Up Your Rush Hour Ride with VapoRub! 

It’s rush hour and you’re desperately trying not to get thrown around by the swaying train. You manage to keep your balance, but the cacophony of sounds and smells makes you feel nauseous and that pesky headache is coming back.

Source: robinsonplumbing.com

Rather than offending anyone, you rummage through your bag for a solution – VapoRub! Not only will it give a little relief for your migraine, but also works as an air freshener of sorts so nobody needs to know what’s really going on. Don’t forget to hold on tight though – no sense adding a bruised body part on top of all your other woes.


Make Lip Stain Removal Simple With Vicks VapoRub!

Don’t let your longwear lip color put a damper on your day – make it easier to take off with Vicks VapoRub!While you may be used to using petroleum jelly, why not switch things up and try out this household product the next time you need to remove stubborn last traces of color? 

Source: skincare.com

All it takes is five minutes – just apply some onto the area, let it sit while you do something else like combing your hair or taking off makeup, wipe away, and voila! No more tugging at sensitive skin. Tested and approved: Vicks VapoRub is lip stain removal made easy. 


Headache Help: A Miracle in Half a Minute! 

When pressure has you feeling like your head is about to crack open, just whip out some ointment and apply it to your temples. You can also put it near the ridge of your nose if sinuses are present or above your eyebrows. Knead the area and take deep, calming breaths.

Source: drswetech.com

Believe it or not, relief from a headache could be found in as little as thirty seconds! Allowing yourself a break from work-related activities may also help alleviate pain. It’s easy to get wrapped up in looming deadlines but refocusing on the moment can make all the difference between clarity and chaos. 


Unlock Your Inner Tennis Superstar! 

Want to take your tennis game to the next level? Well, look no further than Vicks VapoRub. With just one simple application before and after a match, you can give your upper limbs a wide range of motion that will have your opponents gasping with awe. 

Source: gdosteopathy.co.uk

Their reaction will be from witnessing your impressive performance and the fact that you’ve been able to do this without needing any spikes or medication- just two clean fingers and a few seconds of self-care.By merely applying the ointment, you’ll be hitting serves at speeds that would even make Federer jealous!


The Painful Reality of Failing to Apply Sunscreen

You and your friends eagerly head to the beach.You quickly locate the ideal spot, lay out a towel and spread sunscreen generously over your skin. But wouldn’t you know it – despite all your best intentions, you wind up with an unwelcome sunburn at day’s end.

Source: parkview.com

On the drive home, pain from sitting becomes unbearable as you reflect on just how wrong things have gone. Luckily your trusty friends come through, taking care to lovingly apply all that soothing ointment so that healing can begin! A reminder for anyone going outdoors – don’t forget sunscreen! 


Shedding The Flu In A Week? VapoRub Could Be The Answer! 

Feeling like death warmed up? The one thing more irritating than the common cold, is the dreaded flu. But what if we told you that you could get rid of it within a week using just one simple technique? 

Source: rockwear.com.au

To try it out, all you have to do is slather a generous amount of cream on your feet before going to bed. Pay special attention between your toes, covering as much surface area as possible. Put on socks and snugly tuck yourself under the covers to let the healing begin! By the morning, feel restored back to full health with renewed energy. 


The Solution is Right Under Your Nose (literally)

Vicks is one of the best ways to avoid yucky smells. While we wish we could just irradiate the stinky smells, it’s not very practical. However, Vicks can help you avoid some of the funk.

Source: MustShareNews

Rub some of the Vicks just underneath your nose and notice that any bad aromas just drift away. The eucalyptus oil in the rub smells much nicer than the garbage can or puppy accident.


The Power of a Pain-Relieving Ointment 

Are you looking for an effective way to deal with pain? Look no further! For centuries Asians have been relying on pain relieving ointment to heal their wounds faster and Vicks multi-purpose balm can be used as a remedy for many ills.

Source: cerebralselling.com

Apply the balm over your wound and feel its cooling mist enveloping the cut for a few minutes – even if it stings at first. Not only will recovery time be quicker, but you’ll also be guaranteed against fungal infections and other unwanted hosts.So don’t wait any longer – experience the power of Vicks magic with this amazing pain-relieving ointment today!


Light Up Your Date Night with this DIY Candle!

Ready to explore a new and creative way of lighting up your date night? Try making your own DIY candle with Vicks and cotton! Nothing screams romantic more than scented candles that smell like muscle relaxants. Plus, what could be better than some creative twist on candling? 

Source: ecowatch.com

Prepare a piece of cotton and a jar of Vicks Vaporub. The cotton acts as the wick so make sure it reaches the bottom. Put the wick inside ensuring it touches the contents of the bottle. Finally, roll up some extra pieces of cotton to lengthen it as if you would do for normal wicks and voila – you’re done!


Keep Dandruff In Check With These Tips!

Tired of the snowstorm on your head? You have dandruff and don’t know why, right? Well, the reason is probably because your scalp lacks lubrication. All that flaking is an inconvenient distraction, but don’t worry – there are ways to get rid of it!

Source: traya.health

By using some simple tips, you can keep the flakes away and avoid those frustrating moments when they just won’t stop falling. So why not start by adding some moisture? Locking in moisture with a lubricant on your scalp will help reduce dandruff significantly. 


Soothe Those Cooking Burns

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the kitchen, chances are you have probably suffered some kind of burn from those hot appliances. Hard as we try, we can’t seem to escape this inevitability- especially those of us who love to cook!

Source: Youtube

VapoRub is one simple solution to soothe a cooking burn. In the same way it helps heal and soothe the skin of a sunburn, it can soothe the burn from a stovetop or hot pan. Keep some on hand for the next time you think you’re Gordon Ramsey and get a little too confident in the kitchen.


A Weight Loss Combo

Are you dreaming of losing weight without putting in too much effort? We’ve got just the trick for you – a magical combination of baking soda, Vicks Vaporub, camphor powder and rubbing alcohol.We know you’ll love this easy tip to shed some kilos. 

Source: Twitter

All you need to do is mix equal parts of all these ingredients and apply it to the target areas such as your love handles and upper arms. Wearing a fitness belt will also help accelerate the fat-burning process. To keep your skin from chafing, make sure that you give it some time to breathe every now and then!


Conquer Those Locker Room Nasties

Being an athlete isn’t only about conquering your opponents on the field – it’s also battling bacteria and sweat build-up that can lead to nasty fungal infections. That’s why athletes have started turning to Vicks ointment to treat those skin woes. 

Source: babycentre.co.uk

Not only does it battle fungus, it also helps soothe aches and bruises after a big game,making you feel refreshed and ready to take on your next opponent. You’ll also be happy knowing that any underlying issues are being taken care of. So don’t let pesky bacteria ruin your performance – get yourself some Vicks ointment today!


Cry for a Freebie: The Art of Babbling Incoherently!

Ever wish you could cry on cue and get what you want? Sure, it would be extra cool if you were an actress or a scheming woman in control of your waterworks. But hey, if that’s not possible, why not use your imagination instead? 

Source: kompas.com

When in need of some extra empathy points or a free seat at the bar, generously rub the ointment over your cheeks while muffling a stifled cry and babbling incoherently like it’s nobody’s business! Make sure not to go OTT with it though—blinding yourself isn’t really worth getting more steamy coffee for free. 


Wart Relief

Warts are no fun and in addition to causing pain, they can make you feel less than desirable. The problem is these stubborn skin defects can be difficult to get rid of. Some people even get them burned off only for them to pop right back up again.

Source: Daily Mail

If you’re looking for a potential solution that is less invasive than burning or freezing the wart off then you might consider trying Vicks. Apply some directly to the wart and cover it with a bandaid for best results. Of course, the best practice is to see your doctor for advice if you’re unsure of how to treat it.


Get Rid of Your Nail Fungus with Vaporub! 

Are your nails crumbly, thickened, and brittle? Do they give off a putrid smell? If so, you might be one of the three million people affected by nail fungus every year. With this common occurrence comes an easy solution—Vaporub! 

Source: thefoothub.com.au

A 2011 study proves that applying at least once a day is effective in getting rid of this unsightly and smelly problem. To make sure it doesn’t come back again, keep any pedicure sets sanitized as well! Don’t let nail fungus wreak havoc on your nails—try Vaporub now and get lasting relief. 


Say Goodbye to Acne: Let Vicks Help You Get Picture-Perfect Skin! 

Tired of your acne ruining the perfect shot? Don’t worry, because Vicks has got you covered! Not only is it a cheap and easy home remedy, it can also bring relief from irritating flare-ups.

Source: dionysioumedispa.com

All you have to do is start off by cleansing your face thoroughly. Then, use a gentle exfoliant and rinse with water. Pat dry with a clean cloth before applying a thin layer of Vicks on the skin. Experience that cooling sensation that’s like having ice packs over your face—it’ll definitely keep dirt away from your pores while reducing red spots too!


Get Rid of Those Bumps & Bruises With Ease

Feeling a bit bruised? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Whether you’re into danger sports or simply trying to survive on public transport it’s sure to leave some bumps and bruises,leaving you sore and grumpy.

Source: bannerhealth.com

But don’t fret – here’s how you can make sure they go away fast! Just apply an ice pack to the tender areas if they start hurting, then follow up with some Vicks Vaporub for that cooling effect. Two simple steps and you’ll be feeling better in no time! 


Brighten and Tighten Skin

This wonderproduct is no scam. It can actually be used to brighten and tighten your skin in addition to the other beauty and skin hacks we’ve seen here. The eucalyptus oil in the vaporub has healing properties, which is why it has such benefits on the skin.

Source: Pinterest

Doctors have reported their patients seeing positive results on sagging skin as well as damaged skin using this product. And it’s far cheaper than most beauty products that claim to have the same effect.


With Insect Repellent, Aunties are the Best

Having your dear auntie around on a trip can be so useful, especially when you realize you’ve forgotten to bring insect repellent. But no matter; your aunt has come prepared with her all-pervasive VapoRub bottle that she’s sure to unpack!

Source: food-safety.com

Use  VapoRub on places where sweat collects (away from any wounds of course!) Bacteria will build-up in these areas and attract those pesky little bloodsuckers. Don’t forget, if they do manage to beat your repellant strategy, at least you have a remedy: soothing VaporRub for itch relief!


Give Your Lips the Luxury They Deserve

Looking for ways to keep your lips soft and supple? If so, you know how hard it is to resist licking them in a state of irritation. Unfortunately, this only provides temporary relief as the moisture quickly evaporates and leads to further discomfort. When petroleum jelly or chapstick aren’t available, try Vicks instead!

Source: drclevens.com

With twice the lubrication and a cooling menthol effect, your lips can feel revived and bursting with health. And don’t worry – although it may not taste as great as other flavors, its smell will be twice as pleasant. Treat yourself (and your partner!) today with Vicks – because your lips deserve luxury! 


DIY Bath Bombs With 3 Simple Ingredients

Who doesn’t love some nice aromatherapy when they settle in for a relaxing bath? These nice-smelling bath products can be awfully expensive, but there’s no need to waste your money on them when you can make them with 4 simple ingredients. All you’ll need is VapoRub (of course), 2 tablespoons of water, and half a cup of cornstarch.

Source: Youtube

Mix these ingredients together until it looks like a smooth paste. Form them into balls with your hands and give them a little time to set. Next thing you know, you’re ready for a lovely bath with homemade bath bombs! Hint: Add a few drops of essential oils to really take bath time to the next level.


Put VapoRub To The Test: Experience Awesome Aromatherapy

It’s time to break free of the dreaded association we’ve created in our minds between VapoRub and body aches. Instead, let’s take advantage of its soothing aroma and use it to our benefit! All you need is a single spoonful of this aromatic ointment, which can either be placed in an air diffuser or added to a tub full of warm water. 

Source: diabetes.co.uk

You’ll soon see (and smell) just how much the potent menthol helps relax your senses and tackles sinus congestion due to flu-like symptoms. So go ahead, put VapoRub to the test today for menthol enhanced aromatherapy experience like never before!


Horse Love - Outfox Your Steed with Vicks 

No matter how much effort you put into making your horse obey you, nature will ultimately prevail. The smell of a mare can be so inviting that no amount of training will keep him from running away to her side. 

Source: hotelsbarriere.com

But all you need is some Vicks vapor rub! Just apply it generously around the barn, so when he starts following his instincts, its unmistakable aroma will confuse or even scare him back in line. You’ll be sure to save time and energy this way since you won’t have to take control of every ride or gallop he takes against your commands. 


Don't Sacrifice Comfort for Style

We all know the drill. You find a gorgeous pair of shoes that you just have to have- but they only come in a size 8 pump… and you’re a 9.What do you choose? Despite the temptation to just go for it, there are hidden costs to squeezing into something too small. 

Source: weil4feet.com

Your feet may look amazing now, but by the time you take them off, your heels might be cracked from lack of breathing room inside — no amount of Vicks is going to help! Protect yourself (and those precious heels) and don’t make this mistake again — opt for comfy socks instead!


Say Goodbye to Squeaks - Your VapoRub Silencer

Once you’ve run out of gear oil, you don’t have to dread the midnight squeaks emanating from your door hinges. Have no fear: your lifesaver is right in front of you – VapoRub! This magical ointment is all that’s needed to silence those jarring squeaks and restore peace of mind. 

Source: homepro.co.th

Rub a generous amount onto the hinges and then swing them open and shut for a squeak-free experience. The imagined shadows lurking in the corners will dissipate into nothingness, leaving only relief from an eerie vibe. Embrace this creative solution to your problem today with VapoRub! 


Stop the Itch with Vicks – How to Relieve Eczema Without Scratching

It’s no fun when your fingers run across your skin and you discover a bumpy, inflamed spot. You know it must be eczema and try to resist that overwhelming urge to scratch. Stop yourself from going too far- once you start scratching, it’s hard to stop!

Source: mims.com

Luckily, there is an easier option: Vicks. This product has been known for its ability to soothe not only the smell but also the touch of eczema. The cooling menthol helps alleviate any itching sensations while keeping the area around your eczema free of open wounds. Rejoice in knowing that soon after applying Vicks, inflammation will start clearing up! 


Bring the Shine Back To Your Shoes with No Money Needed

Have you ever found yourself wanting to keep your shoes looking good, but don’t have enough money for an expensive shoe polish? Well, military-style shoe shining is the answer! All you need is a soft fabric, a VapoRub bottle and some of your favorite fragrance. 

Source: tunwalai.com

Start by scooping some VapoRub from the bottle and lathering it onto the top of your shoe with your fingers. Then spread it out sideways and backwards towards the heel using the fabric. This will bring back that shine like new in no time! For extra cleanliness, use an old toothbrush to scrub away any indentations or dirt.


Get Ready to Feel Better with Humidifiers

Humidifiers are your best friends when it comes to adding moisture and comfort to a room. Not only do humidifiers soothe dry air, but they help reduce the survival of viral infections, making them an ideal choice for those who’re dealing with colds and flu. 

Source: hemat.id

Plus, you can add Vicks VapoRub or Vicks VapoSteam in the humidifier – just make sure it’s regularly cleaned and distilled water is used. So if you need some extra relief from sneezing fits and congestion, invest in a good quality humidifier today and enjoy its soothing benefits! 


Get Luscious, Bouncy Strands with Vicks Ointment

If you’ve ever wanted to have thick and luscious locks that you can comb through with your hands, then Vicks ointment is the answer! Not only can it make you the envy of everyone in the room, but having a beautiful head of hair also signifies good health and sex appeal. 

Source: youprbablyneedahaircut.com

But if your hair has frequent fallout, how can you protect its growth and oil production? Apply some Vicks ointment every now and then on your scalp – though don’t overdo it as it might clog your pores. Cleanse your hair thoroughly before applying to your scalp – to assist growth and lush locks.


When Leather Conditioners Put a Dent in Your Pocket, Try VapoRub Instead

Don’t want to break the bank on pricey leather conditioners? Put down that over priced bottle and grab your trusty jar of VapoRub instead. Not only is it a cheaper solution, but it’ll keep your beloved leather furniture looking like new.

Source: justdial.com

No need to worry about buying fur removers either – the strong scent of VapoRub will keep cats away from scratching or clawing at it. So forget spending an arm and leg on leather conditioner; now you can make your furniture look great while still keeping some cash in your pocket!


Say No to Popping - The Lowdown on Cold Sores

Did you know that cold sores or fever blisters are caused by a contagious viral infection? Sure, it may be self-limiting, but it’s possible the virus will keep coming back to give you constant cold sores. That’s why it’s important to resist the urge to pop your blisters! 

Source: telacare.com

Instead, apply a small amount of Vicks over the area. Popping damages  skin integrity causing secondary infection or even scarring. Plus it can spread the virus to other people so resist if you care! To make sure your skin remains healthy, just moisturize with Vicks and use an ice cold towel for relief.


Time to Throw Away the Tug of War: Lubricate Your Zipper with Vicks VapoRub

Tired of struggling with uncooperative zippers? Being fashionable shouldn’t be a pain. Fortunately, we have a solution for you – use Vicks VapoRub to lubricate sliders and elements of your zipper! 

Source: bobvila.com

Stop everyone laughing at you while you’re tugging at the zipper – no mess-ups here! But that’s not all; this ointment also moisturizes the leather material so that it remains soft and elegant when shining brightly. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to feel free yet stylish in your own unique way – time to say goodbye to zipper woes!


Tired of Cleaning Up Your Dog's Markings 

Make a pre-emptive move and thwart off that noxious smell! It’s natural for pups to mark their territory with their scent, but cleaning up after them is another story. It’s a typical canine way to make a statement, and definitely catches your full attention.

Source: naturvet.com

Take some preventive action against your furry friend by rubbing Vicks Vaporub over wooden floorboards. It prevents your pup from sniffing around the area – like puppies are often known to do. So go ahead — rub that pain ointment over the fire hydrant and start the day off on a clean (and fresh) note!