Discover 45 Smart Tricks to Simplify Your Everyday Routine using Your Body and Technology

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Nov 05, 2023

Everyone around the globe loves to get in on the latest gossip and news. But with internet access comes the risk of untrustworthy information travelling faster than ever. When you’re stuck in a pinch, it’s not easy to find reliable help or fact-check every solution that comes across your screen.

But don’t worry – we’ve got something for everyone! Get ready for some unbelievably effective hacks that will surprise even the most skeptic of minds! 

Never (Seem to) Forget a Name Again: A Clever Trick for Social Situations! 

Meeting new folks can be awesome, but remembering all their names? Not so much. Here’s a neat trick to put to work the next time your brain loses steam: just ask them about their last name! 


Source: Kolroz/Instagram

Ask them what their name is, and they’ll respond with their first name. You then come back with “Oh, no, I knew that. I meant your last name!” It looks like you were never asking for their first name in the first place. Also, repeat it out loud, that way, you’re less likely to forget it anytime soon. 


Feel Instantly Better With Ginger! 

Ginger is more than a tasty spice–it’s also incredibly healthy! Studies show that ginger has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great remedy for the flu or any other pesky cold. Plus, if you’re feeling under the weather due to nausea or an upset stomach, ginger can help soothe those symptoms too. 


Source: Pastiglieleone/Instagram

The best part is preparing it is a breeze–just mix some fresh or powdered ginger with a warm beverage like lemonade, tea, or hot lemon water. If you’re short on time, candied ginger will do the trick and taste delicious too! So reach for some ginger next time you need an instant pick-me-up.

Don't Let Your Dreams Take a Tumble: Wear a Bike Helmet!

Working in high places can be a thrilling challenge, but don’t let the sunny skies fool you- it’s important to stay safe up there. Our advice? Put on a bike helmet! Sure, it might feel silly, but why take the risk? A helmet will provide necessary protection just in case something falls on you or you slip and fall. 


Source: Kplushelmet/Instagram

And if biking is your thing, don’t forget to wear your helmet then too; we hear it works like an absolute charm! So whatever heights you’re headed for, make sure to keep your noggin protected for a smooth ride all the way down.

Say Goodbye to Roaches with a Simple Soapy Solution! 

It’s not fun, but every once in a while, roaches make a pesky appearance in our households. But if you’re one of the unlucky ones who have to deal with this issue on a seasonal basis – don’t panic! The solution is much simpler (and cheaper!) than you might think. All it takes is some water, and liquid dish soap! 



Just mix them up and shake the bottle until you get a foamy mixture. Then let the bug-busting commence; your soapy solution will cause the roaches to scurry around before suffocating beneath its film. So don’t waste time trying out multiple insecticides; say goodbye to roaches with this simple soapy solution!

Get Up, Don't Feel Sorry - You Deserve to Take it Easy! 

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t giving your best at work every now and then. Hey, we’re only human after all and we’ve all been there. The point is to earn a living that’s comfortable for you. Life shouldn’t be such a struggle! 

Source: Jonathan Adato

There’s nothing wrong with being content without pouring your heart and soul into something that doesn’t make you happy. So don’t let those life gurus guilt trip you into working harder than necessary – allow yourself the freedom to do just enough and not more sometimes, and enjoy life!


Bye-Bye to Annoying YouTube Ads: Grab Your Hack Now! 

Sick and tired of all those annoying ads that come your way before you can get to the good stuff on YouTube? Well, don’t despair, now there’s a hack for it! No more getting interrupted during your epic shower solos or dance party in front of your bedroom mirror – scroll down to the bottom of the video and just restart it – easy peasy! 

Source: Jonathan Adato

So, no need to subscribe to expensive YouTube Premium – this is one party even those without deep pockets can join. Get started right away and never miss out on another jam session again!


Never Let Your Car Overheat Again! 

Imagine this: You’re out on the road, enjoying a nice drive when suddenly your engine takes a turn for the worse and starts to overheat. Panic quickly sets in – until you remember this one handy trick! All you need to do is switch your car’s heater to full blast! 

Source: Jewing_w/Instagram

That’s right, running the air-conditioning or even opening the windows can help cool down the engine. So next time your car radiator starts to fizzle, simply crank up the heat and keep calm. As long as you use this tip, you’ll never have to worry about overheating again!


The Two Magic Words That Will Take Your Travel Experiences to the Next Level!

Are you seeking an adventure around the globe? We have just the trick that will give your travels a major boost – just two simple words: “please” and “thank you”. With these two little words, your travel experiences will be taken up a notch.

Source: Goodguyandtheworld/Instagram

You’ll be surprised at how much more hospitable locals can be when they see that you’re putting effort into understanding their language and culture. Just by saying please and thank you in their native tongue, it’s guaranteed that doors will open up for exciting opportunities waiting ahead. It’s time to put yourself out there and make incredible memories – don’t forget those magical words!


Fool the Fluffs: Make Animals Come to You at the Zoo!

Have you ever been to a zoo and left disappointed as all the animals ignored you, pretending you did not exist? Well, that feeling of sadness will come to an end! The trick to make those furry friends come running is simple – dress like the zookeepers! 

Source: Kohh_nattapong/Instagram

Rocking colors similar to those of staff will make the animals think that there’s food, water or entertainment waiting for them. It’s a sneaky tactic but it pays off! So whatever type of zoo adventure you decide on next, don’t forget your keeper costume.


Bid Farewell to Post-Shower Shivers - The Easiest Trick To Stay Warm!

We’ve all been there before – that awful feeling when you open the shower door or step out of the tub and into a blast of cold air. Your warm skin is immediately met with Arctic temperatures, leaving you shivering and wishing you could stay nestled in your steamy sauna forever! 

Source: Mariandenis_/Instagram

But don’t despair – there’s an easy way to make sure post-shower blues never ruin your day again. All you have to do is use your hands to wipe off any excess water on your body before exiting the warmth of your shower. Simple enough, right? So the next time you step out from under those steaming showers, try this gentle trick and enjoy an extra few moments basking in comfort!


Farewell to Tears: An Onion-Cutting Revolution! 

No more tears in the kitchen; it’s time for a chopping revolution! Onions have been known to be the evilest of veggies, always seeking out their victims and prompting tears when least expected. But why suffer any longer? We can make cutting onions easy and fun! 

Source: Rede.or.knot/Instagram

Next time you’re preparing lunch, don’t forget to rinse your knife with water every once in a while – it can help reduce the chance of an onion-filled crying session. You’ll be thanking us later, so let’s get chopping!


Say Goodbye to Those Annoying Mosquito Bites! 

Are you tired of being plagued by those pesky mosquito bites? Are you fed up with the sound of them buzzing around when you’re trying to go to sleep? No need to worry – we have a simple solution for those itchy and irritating marks. All that is required is a spoon, some hot water, and your trusty hand. 

Source: Saymon_outdoor/Instagram

Heat the back of the spoon with hot water until it’s good and warm (but not hot enough to burn your skin), then apply it directly onto the bite! The itching sensation will disappear in no time! So stop stressing over mosquitoes and start restoring peace of mind. It’s time to say goodbye to those annoying mosquito bites!


Curiosity is the Key to Hope!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by depression or anxiety? Instead of falling into a state of hopelessness, why not stay curious? Curiosity is an amazing tool that will keep your spirits up and help you find strength within yourself. 

Source: Shakibanajafii/Instagram

In fact, curiosity can be even more beneficial than the typical ‘never lose hope’ cliche as it drives us to learn more, try out new things and remain active. So don’t let those feelings drag you down – get curious and take charge of your mental wellbeing.


Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Coughs with This Simple Hack 

Do you often find yourself coughing uncontrollably in public, drawing disdain from those around you? You’re not alone — if there’s anything the past few years have taught us, it’s that involuntary coughing in social situations is a major faux pas. Well, no more! We’ve got a fantastic hack that will help you avoid those embarrassing glances and awkward silences. 

Source: Erin Goldsman

Whenever you start coughing abruptly due to eating or drinking something, just lift both your arms up in the air and keep them raised for a few moments. Believe it or not, this should effectively quench that pesky cough right away! So go ahead: give it a try.


Beat Tiredness and Keep Alert With This Simple Hack! 

Are you feeling drowsy or do you lack focus in class or during meetings? Our generation is so overworked and underpaid that our attention span has become limited to just a few seconds – okay maybe Tik Tok has a hand in this as well. 

Source: Mummyslittlebb/Instagram

But here’s the hack for staying alert and awake no matter how tired you feel: simply lift one foot slightly off the ground, and keep it there as long as possible. And voila! You will soon be refreshed and ready to take on any tasks. By stimulating both your mind and body, you can bid farewell to snoozing in front of your boss. So why not try it out today?


Woah! Avoid Choking Mishaps with the Self Heimlich! 

Have you ever eaten so fast and ferociously that your food almost choked you? Well, slow down!! We’ve all been in this rush-and-slurp situation at least once, but hopefully we didn’t find ourselves in a life-or-death battle to unblock our airways! 

Source: Howcast/YouTube

The Heimlich maneuver is a great first aid trick, however if no one is around when you need help the most, don’t fret. Press yourself right up against a chair or countertop and press down hard – just under the rib cage – to do it yourself and save your own life!


Revamp Your Rusted Tap with a Little DIY Magic! 

If you’re tired of your old, rusty kitchen and bathroom taps, then it’s time to bring in the big guns! Instead of scouring away with hours of laborious elbow grease, why not grab a plastic bag filled with vinegar and put some DIY magic to work? (One rubber band required).

Source: Jonathan Adato

This hack isn’t just ideal for day-old rust either – give it a try on those well-worn appliances. And next time you find yourself shying away from an old house or apartment due to its worn out condition, remember that nothing is unsolvable with just a little bit of love and know-how.


Light up Your Romance: The Magical Power Of Crayons! 

Dreaming of a romantic evening with the one you love? Have all your preparations made, only to be hit by the realization that you forgot the candles? Rejoice – because all is not lost! If you’re an artistic type or have kids at home, then all it takes is a few crayons to light up your night and give it a mystical, magical feel. 

Source: Crayonescolorpiel/Instagram

In less than no time, those crayons can provide up to an hour of beautiful light. No need for electricity; just let their creative powers shine through and experience just how special simple things like this can really be. So go ahead, melt hearts with the power of crayons and create something truly magical.


When Fido Goes Rogue - Tips for Dealing With an Angry Dog! 

Dogs may seem like man’s best friend, but sometimes these fury cuties can get a bit temperamental. In such cases, it’s good to know that there are ways to ensure you don’t get hurt if they bite. Always remember – think SMART not hard when it comes to doggos! 

Source: Bitesable/Instagram

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being bitten by a pooch, the best way to react is by offering your forearm and pushing back as far as possible. Then, use your other hand to grab the angry pupper by its scruff and hold it in place; this will keep them from moving their head so you’ll have complete control over the situation. That way, both you and the pup will stay safe!


Cheers to Waking Up Hangover-Free!

Don’t pretend like you don’t know that drinking on the weekend can be one of life’s little pleasures. But why ruin the fun with an awful hangover the next morning? We have a secret for you: if you balance your alcohol intake with water, that pesky morning after won’t feel so bad. 

Source: Crazymamatraci/Instagram

Water – yes, it’s necessary for survival and important for when you indulge in a tipple or two. To ensure that dreaded hangover is almost non-existent, make sure to match each glass of booze with an equal amount of H2O! So go ahead and cheers to waking up hangover-free! But do limit it to a sensible amount.


A Magic Hack for Erasing Permanent Writing! 

Do you have a kid who loves drawing on whiteboards with permanent markers? Or are you a student studying late at night with only coffee and instant noodles to fuel your brain? If so, we’ve got the perfect hack for you! 

Source: Jonathan Adato

No more worries about writing on whiteboards with permanent markers instead of erasable ones – all you have to do is go over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker! When you erase it, the writing below will come off like magic.


Say Goodbye to That Burning Feeling After Slicing Jalapenos 

No more worrying about accidentally touching your eyes after cutting hot peppers – we’ve got the perfect solution for you! All you need is a little bit of vegetable oil or any other cooking oil and your hands will be free from that pesky pepper residue. 

Source: Sidney_backyard_veggies/Instagram

It’s so simple, yet it works amazingly well. Try this simple but nacho night changing hack out today and make your kitchen experience a much more pleasant one.


The Sweetness of Salty Coffee!

Brewing a cup of joe in the morning is a tried and true part of many people’s day-to-day routines. But sometimes that black gold we know as coffee can be too bitter for our taste buds. 

Source: CAFE_BERRY_PARIS/Instagram

If adding sugar or honey doesn’t do the trick, don’t worry! Just add a pinch of salt to your beverage and stir – trust us, it works like magic! It’s like adding salt to desserts and cookies: when you don’t want it to be too sweet, what would you do? Add just enough saltiness so that all the flavors come together perfectly.


No More Paint-Filled Nightmares: A Genius Hack to Keep Things Neat and Tidy! 

House renovations can be a stressful endeavor, but the rewards are undeniable. Once you’re finished repainting your walls, redecorating or remodeling – what comes next? Cleaning up is a dreaded task that no one looks forward to. But don’t worry – here’s a genius hack for keeping your painting supplies neat and organized without any hassle! 


Before sealing the lid of your paint canister, place some saran wrap on top so that it doesn’t get stuck. When the paint has dried, voila – there you go! You’ve just achieved neatness in a jiffy.


Rock Your Way To Relief: Beat Constipation with a Simple Trick! 

Constipation can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. You’re bloated, heavy, and feeling totally out of it. Meds and herbal teas may help to improve your digestion in the long run, but sometimes you just need quick relief! That’s why we suggest giving this trick a go – rock your way to instant relief! 

Source: Jonathan Adato

Next time nature calls and you find yourself straining, try rocking back and forth on your porcelain seat. Believe us when we say, it’ll make your number two much easier to pass! Plus, once you’ve been through this experience once, you won’t ever have to worry about constipation again!


Create a Safe Space for Your Furry Friends 

You love your furry companions, but how do you keep them safe during an emergency? If you ever accidentally trigger your smoke alarm, use it as an opportunity to engage in some classical conditioning! 

Source: Electricians2/Instagram

Provide a treat every time the smoke alarm goes off; this way, your pets will learn to come straight to you in case of emergency. That way, both you and your beloved pet can quickly and safely exit the building in no time!


Painless Love with Windex

We love love and that’s no lie! To symbolize true love, couples exchange wedding rings during the ceremony. But it can be hard to remove these tokens of affection after they’ve been on our fingers for a while. Well, fear not – just grab some Windex! 

Source: Ringrescueinc/Instagram

This magical spray will make your ring slide off your finger as if you were never wearing it in the first place. Love is usually beautiful and tender, but sometimes it can be painful too… and removing rings doesn’t have to be one of those times! 


Say Goodbye to Splinters - No Need for Tears Anymore! 

As kids, we’ve all been there. Whether it was climbing trees, jumping on logs or simply falling onto the grass – splinters were bound to happen sooner or later. It wasn’t fun then and still isn’t the most pleasant experience now – but don’t worry! We have a simple solution that will get you rid of your splinter in no time – banana peels. 

Source: My.lesswastejourny/Instagram

Just wrap the wet side against your skin where the splinter is lodged and watch as it draws out the pesky thing easily and painlessly! So fret no more over dreaded splinters, because with this method, they’ll be gone before you know it!


Make Cleaning a Breeze with Dawn Dish Soap! 

Tired of spending hours scrubbing away dirt and grime from your tub? Look no further than Dawn dish soap! It’s the perfect chemical solution to make your cleaning process easier and faster. 

Source: Jonathan Adato

With this powerhouse cleaner, you’ll be able to get rid of body oils, dirt and skin in an instant. Make life simpler with Dawn dish soap and say goodbye to tedious housework forever!


Ask for Directions and Let Your Intuition Keep You Safe 

For centuries, the patriarchy has tried to tell us that men are more capable. But in the past one hundred years, women have worked hard not only to get their rights, but also to be heard. Armed with knowledge and insight, women are strong enough to challenge this narrative – and even offer up some sound life advice! 

Source: Shakibanajafii/Instagram

Take Gavin DeBecker’s book The Gift of Fear as an example. In it he encourages women not to be scared or ashamed to ask for help when they need it – because ultimately those who reach out are safer than those who don’t. After all, the person you choose to approach is likely to be a safer bet than someone who comes to you as you stand there looking vulnerable.


Yet Another Onion Hack – An Easier Way to Prep Your Lunch or Dinner! 

If you don’t want the dreaded onion tears ruining your lunch or dinner prep, try this nifty hack: put the onions in the freezer for 10 minutes. This will freeze the juices in the onion and make cutting it a tearless experience. 

Source: Vkosinskaya/Instagram

Who knew cooking could be so easy? Enjoy making mouth-watering meals without any tears, and get motivated to whip up delicious dishes every day! Who knew it could be so easy?


Be Kind to Strangers - It Makes a World of Difference 

Do you feel like building strong and lasting relationships with people around you? If yes, then the first thing to keep in mind is to always be kind to strangers. Showing politeness, offering a warm smile and extending few words of kindness can make a world of difference. 

Source: Damien_chicot/Instagram

It takes only a little effort from your side but will bring so much joy for others. Pay attention to those around you – how they interact with service workers speaks volumes about their character. Start being nice because the people who are kind are the ones you want in your life – and it will lead others to want you in their lives as well!


Save Up the Smart Way: Pay Yourself First! 

Do you want to build a savings fund but don’t know how to begin? Start by paying yourself first! Every month, set aside 10% of your income and watch your nest egg grow. 

Source: Floydmayweather/Instagram

That money can be used for unexpected expenses or even applied toward something special that you’ve been wanting. Why not buy a house, an apartment, a car, or maybe that iPhone 13 Pro Max that’s been calling your name? When it comes to saving up the smart way, always remember – pay yourself first!


Saying Goodbye to Insomnia - Count Your Way to Sleep! 

Are you having trouble getting enough sleep? You’re not alone. Stress, blue light from screens, and a full workload can all make it difficult for us to get the restful sleep we need. Sure, counting sheep may do the trick – but why not count up instead? That’s right: try counting from 1 all the way up to 150 – and slowly! 

Source: Jade__modele/Instagram

If your mind starts wandering while you count, that’s ok – let yourself think through it then return to counting when you’re finished. To ensure success in this experiment, be sure to stay as still as possible throughout. In no time at all, you should find yourself lulled off into sweet slumber!


Bake Up Some Fun on Sundays! 

Ahh, Sundays – a day of rest and relaxation. But why not use the extra time to explore your creativity in the kitchen? Baking can be so much fun! Try experimenting with different flavors and textures as you research online for perfect recipes to whip up something special for friends or family. Who knows what delicious foodie treat you’ll come up with? 

Source: Megancollinswriter/Instagram

But fear not if you’ve forgotten to take butter out of the freezer – simply get that cheese grater out! Grating frozen butter is definitely harder than chopping it while chilled, but it sure beats having to wait for it to thaw out. So let’s get baking – homemade cookies anyone? 


Get your Blinkers to Work! Ready to Make Safe Driving Habits? Use Your Turn Signals! 

It’s not just a hack – it’s an important step for safe driving! You wouldn’t believe the number of drivers out there who don’t bother using their turn signals. That’s why, if you have a driver’s license and don’t use your turn signals, it should be revoked immediately. 


Even if there are no other cars around, using your blinkers is responsible and can help alert other motorists. Plus, they’re there for a reason – so you can indicate where you’re going before entering or exiting the road. So whether you call it a hack or common sense – make sure to get those blinkers in gear and drive safely!


A Mind-Blowing Math Discovery – Percentages are Reversible! 

We had our fair share of struggles with math in school, and even up to today when it comes to calculating discounts. Figuring out what 13% of 30 means? Okay, it’s 3.9 – we won’t lie, the calculator is a friend here. 


But hold up, a mind-blowing discovery awaits! Guess what? Percentages are reversible! Let that sink in. So yes, 30% of 13 is the same as 13% of 30 (try it if you don’t believe us). Amazing right? We know we’re mind blown for sure! 


Let the Kids Balance Their Way to Cycling Fun! 

Ah, the good ol’ days of learning how to ride a bicycle—we all remember it fondly. But nowadays, it doesn’t have to be so daunting for the little ones! Introducing them to a small balance bike without pedals is a great way to get them started on their two-wheeling journey. 

Source: Brianna.m.cooper/Instagram

The perfect age range for this is between two and three—at this age, they’ll love hopping on their vehicle of choice. And before you know it, they’ll be ready for the real deal: A bicycle with full-on pedaling action! Get your kids hauling along in the cycling world today; that balance bike won’t steer itself! 


A Giggly Solution to Anxiety and Panic 

Don’t we all want to take a break from our stressful lives every once in a while? Millennials and Gen Z, especially, often find themselves dealing with anxiety and panic attacks more frequently these days. But worry not! We’ve got a solution that’s equal parts effective and hilarious – Wiggle Your Toes! 

Source: Chaos_feet/Instagram

That’s right folks, the next time you feel the need for some relief from stress, simply unclench your jaw and relax those shoulders. And then focus on wiggling your toes – trust us, it works! In fact, it is so distracting that you’ll forget all about whatever was stressing you out in the first place. Mind=Blown? 


Beat the Heat: The Easiest Hack for When You're Overheating 

Ah, summertime! With longer days, brighter vibes and a lightness of energy in the air – but oh no, here comes the heat. Those hot days can be unbearable if you’re someone who gets overheated easily. 

Source: Jonathan Adato

Luckily, there’s an easy – and often overlooked – hack to cool down quick – cold water or ice cubes applied to your pulse points. It’s amazing how something this simple hijacks your biology to work for you when things get too warm – so don’t sweat it (pun intended) this summer, just beat the heat with this nifty trick!


Wake Up to Winning Decisions! 

Ready to make a big decision that could change your life? Wait until morning! That’s right, when it comes to making important choices, your brain works best in the morning. Put off any risky or life-altering decisions until you’ve had a full night’s sleep and start the day with a tall glass of water and warm cup of coffee. 

Source: Jonathan Adato

You’ll be sure to spare yourself from regretful decisions and bad judgment with this simple trick. So next time you’re on the verge of doing something big late at night, take the wiser option – hit the sack and weigh up your options in the fresh light of day.


Stop Permanent Marker Mayhem with Nail Polish 

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation, like when someone draws an inappropriate doodle on your face while you’re snoozing? Don’t worry, nail polish to the rescue! 

Source: Nailglint/Instagram

Yes, that’s right, nail polish is the key to saving your face from permanent marker mayhem. Just go over the permanent marker with some nail polish and it will come right off. Oh, and if anyone is doing this to you, maybe it’s time to leave the frat.


Ditch the Detergent and Try Makeup Remover on Stains

No longer do you have to panic when you accidentally get deodorant stains on your shirt. Now, all you’ll need to remove these pesky marks is a bottle of makeup remover! Not only does it take away oils and colors from your face at the end of every day, but it’s also great for getting rid of deodorant stains. 

Source: u/romanz202/Reddit

Give it a try — you’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily those pesky marks can be gone. So don’t forget to share this tip with everyone in your life – they’ll thank you later for saving them the trouble of throwing out stained clothes!


Sleep Like a King: Get the Rest You Deserve Without Wasting Hours in Bed!

We live in a world where getting enough rest is essential for our mental health. But did you know that you don’t need to spend eight hours asleep to make sure you’re feeling rested and rejuvenated? 

Source: Alexnofilter/Instagram

With just a few smart changes in your routine, you can get the same benefits of sleep even if you missed an hour or two of sleep the night before. People who take regular naps during the day or engage in mindful activities such as yoga or meditation find themselves in a much more restful state!


Bring Leftovers Back to Life - A Microwave Hack! 

Eating food fresh off the stove every meal may be a luxury most of us don’t have. If you’re tired of eating bland leftovers, try this hack with your microwave and get ready to enjoy your meals anew! 

Source: Tiktoknikkimum

All you need is a microwave-safe glass. Simply put your food on a plate and place a cup of water on the tray in the microwave with it. As your food heats up, the humidity from the water will make it taste fresher! This little trick will help prevent any wasted food in your house. Enjoy!