25 Beauty Hacks You Won’t Be Able To Live Without

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Jul 08, 2021

If your beauty routine is taking up way too much time—or you’re just looking for an easier way to recreate some of your favorite looks—you’ll want to check out these top internet hacks.

Be it a time-saving hairstyle or skincare advice that will keep your face clear and glowing; there’s a solution here for every kind of beauty problem.

Read on to discover 25 beauty hacks you won’t be able to live without.

Take A Pause

Often when we mess up something like smudging our liquid eyeliner or blinking while trying to put on mascara, we panic and rush to fix it before our makeup dries.

Really, this is making it more difficult than it needs to be.


Waiting until your makeup dries actually makes it easier to remove from the skin with a makeup remover wipe.

When it’s still wet, it can smudge more and become an even bigger mess to clean.


Craft The Perfect Cat Wing With A Bobby Pin

Achieving the perfect cat-eye wing is something many of us strive (and fail) to do.

However, one simple hair accessory could make all the difference in your cat-eye technique — a bobby pin.


Paint your liquid eyeliner of choice onto the triangle end of your bobby pin. Then angle that part onto your skin and press it in.

The bobby pin acts as a stamp, and with it, the perfect cat-eye is no longer a dream.

Use White Eyeliner To Create A Primer

White eyeliner is a more versatile beauty tool than people realize.

And if you already have it in your makeup bag, there’s no need to purchase additional eyeshadow primer.


Before applying your eyeshadow, rub your white eyeliner pencil across your eyelid.

Not only does it provide a neutral base, but it also helps shadows stick to your lid. Plus, it will make the colors pop even more.

Use Tape To Help Perfect Your Cat-Eye

No bobby pins? No problem!

You can use another common household item to help you achieve the perfect cat-eye eyeliner look: tape.


Simply cut a small piece of tape and place it along the line of your bottom eyelash.

Then use it as a stencil to paint your cat-eye. Voila! Look achieved.

Use Your Workout Time To Condition Your Hair

If you can never find the time to deep condition your hair—or you just hate waiting for it to set while you’re in the shower—use this workout hack.

Before you hit the gym, apply a conditioning mask to your scalp and ends. Then, twist it up into a secured bun.

While you’re working out and getting your sweat on, your body heat will actually make the hair mask penetrate further into your follicles.

Once you’re done, simply rinse it out in the shower.


Add A Mini Spatula To Your Beauty Kit

It’s no secret that beauty and makeup products are expensive.

Using a mini spatula can help ensure that you don’t waste a single drop.

Mini spatulas can be found online and even in some drug stores.

They’re usually inexpensive and can be used to scoop out everything from foundation to face masks.


Stand Near A Window While Doing Your Makeup

No matter how bright your bathroom lightbulbs are, they’re nothing compared to the lighting that comes from the sun.

Avoid artificial lighting as it can alter the color of your skin and result in some iffy makeup application.

Instead, find a window in your home to set up your makeup station near.

Having natural lighting can really make all the difference in your makeup routine.


Put Saline Solution On Your Mascara

On average, mascara is supposed to last you at least three months.

After that, it can collect bacteria that can cause eye infections, which are not cute.

But if your mascara dries up before that three-month deadline, you can bring it back to life with saline solution.

Simply add a few drops to your mascara tube, and dip the wand in and out to mix it up.


DIY Your BB Cream

Run out of BB cream?

Before you make a last-minute trip to the store, see if you have the ingredients to make your own.

All you need is a pump of your foundation and a pump of your moisturizer.

Mix the 1:1 ratio of products together, and you’ll have your very own BB cream to use.


Give Your Nails Some Shine With A Little Toothpaste

Manicures can be time-consuming—and expensive.

Rather than going to the salon every month, you can give your nails a little brightening facelift with some toothpaste.

Remove any nail polish you have, and dab a bit of toothpaste on each nail. Then take a toothbrush and gently buff them until they regain some shine.

After you’re done, massage in a little cuticle oil.


Give Your Makeup Brushes A Shower

We know we’re supposed to clean our makeup brushes — but more often than not, we forget.

But with all the bacteria and residue that can build up in a brush, it’s worth coming up with a routine you’ll remember, like giving your brushes a shower while you shower.

Bring your makeup brushes in the shower with you next time, get them wet and clean them off with a little shampoo.

Remember to do this at least once a month to keep your brushes looking new and feeling fresh.


Test New Foundation On Your Neck

When you’re testing a new makeup product, it’s easy to focus on the place where you’ll be using it: your face.

But putting foundation on your neck is actually a better way to see how it will look on your skin.

In addition, it’s good to test out the makeup in different lighting. Put a tester on in the store, and then walk outside to see how it looks in the sun.

Also, try to only shop from retailers that have a more forgiving return policy. Sometimes you don’t know if a foundation will look good until you get it home.


Give Your Lips An Overnight Beauty Treatment

Lips are often the last feature we give care and attention to. But if you’re constantly battling dry or flaky lips, you’ll want to give them a little love.

Thankfully, it’s as easy as applying a little overnight mask.

Applying oil on your lips before you go to sleep will practically ensure a perfect lipstick application when you get ready in the morning.

You can either invest in a high-end lip oil, or you can use oil from your pantry like coconut oil. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.


Heat Your Eyelash Curler To Keep Curls Intact

Eyelash curlers are great when you’re applying mascara — but sometimes they can fall flat as the day goes on.

To make them really stick and last all day, you’ll need to pull your hairdryer out for a quick DIY.

Prior to using your curler, give it a quick blast of hot air with your hairdryer first.

Then let it dry for a few moments — you don’t want to burn your eyelids — and then clamp down as normal. This trick will help your lashes stay curled for longer periods.


Store Beauty Essentials In Contact Lens Cases

When you’re out on the town, you want to have all of your beauty essentials with you just in case you need a quick touch up.

But it’s too much to lug your entire makeup bag with you everywhere you go.

Instead, use a clean contact lens case to hold things like a small amount of foundation or a dab of moisturizer.

Not only will your products stay secure, but the case is often small enough to fit in any purse or wallet.


Use Eyeshadow To Fake Thicker Hair

Want thicker hair but can’t afford extensions? Just dive into your makeup back for a little eyeshadow!

First — you need to make sure you have an eyeshadow that matches the color of your hair. Pink dust with sparkles isn’t going to do much in terms of faux thickness.

Once you’ve got that, simply dust a bit of eyeshadow along your part and into your scalp.

You can even do this trick along your hairline if you’ve got it pulled back into a bun or ponytail.


Make Your Own Gel Eyeliner With Heat

You don’t have to run to the store to stock up on gel liners — you just need to DIY your pencils.

Pencil eyeliners often result in a really thin line. Gel, on the other hand, can give you a thicker, smudgy effect that’s popular with looks like the smokey eye.

You can turn your pencils into gel by holding them over a flame for just a moment or two.

Then let it cool for 15 seconds — again, we don’t want any burnt eyelids — and apply it to your eye.


Increase The Height Of Your Ponytail With Bobby Pins

Sometimes it’s hard to achieve a tall, thick ponytail. Even if you manage to get it the way you want while you’re in front of the mirror, it often falls flat in an hour or so.

But with the help of a few bobby pins, you can keep your ideal ponytail height all day long.

After you’ve got your hair up into a ponytail, simply put two or three bobby pins halfway in the elastic holder underneath your hair. Face them downwards towards the crown of your head.

Then, fluff your ponytail and flip it over to achieve the level of volume you desire.


Create A Perfect Wing With A Teaspoon

Winged eyeliner is another makeup look that so many of us have a hard time mastering.

But with the help of a simple kitchen tool, you can achieve the winged eyeliner of your dreams.

Grab a clean teaspoon from your kitchen and hold the handle of it up against your eye’s outer corner. Then use it as a stencil to draw a straight line.

Then, flip the spoon, so the rounded side is hugging your eyelid. Use that end to draw the round, curved edge of the wing. Fill in any missed spots and draw the rest of the liner across your lashline.


Remove Your Makeup With A Little Lotion

There’s nothing more frustrating than being ready to go bed and realizing you’re out of makeup remover.

Rather than just sleep in your mascara and foundation, try removing your makeup with a little body lotion.

Body lotion is actually great for taking off not only foundation but lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara too.

Dab a little all over your face and then wash it off with soap and water. Not only will your makeup be gone, but your skin will be hydrated in the process.


DIY Glitter Nails With Liquid Latex And A Makeup Sponge

You don’t have to pay for an expensive manicure to get funky, glittery nails.

All you need is a little liquid latex and a makeup sponge.

Apply the liquid latex near your cuticles and fingertips. Then take your makeup sponge and dab glitter nail polish on your nails.

The sponge actually absorbs the polish and leaves the glitter to steal the show.


Highlight Your Eyebrows With White Eyeliner

Need an eyelift but cannot afford the high cost of one? Just grab your trust white eyeliner pencil!

First, apply a very thick line of eyeliner below and above your eyeliner. Follow their shape as closely as you can.

Then, take a makeup sponge and use it to smudge and blend the white liner into your brows and the rest of your makeup, .

Not only will this hack make your eyes seem more alert and bright, but it will also help define your brows.


Dry Your Nail Polish Faster With Ice Water

Sometimes, it feels like it can take forever and a day for your nail polish to dry.

Speed up this lengthy process with a bowl of ice water.

After you’ve painted your fingernails (or toenails), soak them in the ice water for a few minutes.

The coldness of the water actually sets the paint and speeds up the drying process.


Use A Spoon To Apply Your Mascara Without Mess

If you’re constantly getting mascara all over your eyelids, this hack is for you.

Grab a clean teaspoon and hold it against your skin while you apply the mascara to your lashes.

That way, the mess goes on the spoon and not your face.

You can use this trick for both your upper and lower lashes.


Use Vaseline To Keep Your Perfume From Fading

Perfume is great, but it seems to only last an hour or so before fading.

Get the most out of your scent by applying vaseline (also known as petroleum jelly) to your pulse points. Then spray your perfume on top of it.

This will help keep your skin’s moisture levels high throughout the day, which also helps retain your fragrance.