21st Century Twitter Love Story Of How A Man Met His Wife In A Cemetery

By: Mia Williams | Published: Dec 30, 2022

This love story is unlike any you’ve heard. It’s better than any Hollywood rom-com or French New Wave love affair. The silver screen couldn’t hold a candle to this one. 

Prepare to have your mind and heart blown by this modern-day true love story that only real life can author and which @sixthformpoet can only tell.

How It All Started

This single tweet sparked it all. It was the beginning of everyone’s journey to the unbelievable and unthinkable. It also proves that fact is indeed stranger than fiction.


Source: @sixthformpoet/ Twitter

We believe it will only take some time before this will be picked up by a major Hollywood studio and made into a film. But for now, sit back, relax and let Matt (@sixthformpoet) tell us how his father’s death served as a “classic start to a funny story.”


His Dad Loved Flowers

Matt and his father were extremely close. When he died, Matt made it a point to visit his grave regularly and bring flowers. Matt’s frequent visits made his father’s grave look like the Chelsea Flower Show. However, the grave beside his dad had zero visitors.


Source: Getitlove.com

Considering that Matt had been bringing flowers to his dad for more than two years, he had to Google the name of the man beside his father’s grave.  This is where the story really picks up.

A Grave Error

Blame Matt’s curiosity because he realized too late where his inquisitive nature would land him. As it turned out, the major reason this man never had flower offerings was that he was a murderer. No kidding!


Source: @sixthformpoet/ Twitter

Apparently, the man buried beside his father’s grave murdered his wife as well as her parents. Naturally, Matt felt horribly guilty for being nice to someone who didn’t deserve it. He decided to make it up to the man’s victims.

Bringing Flowers Where Flowers Were Due

Matt looked up the names of the victims and went to the cemetery where these three people were buried. He never knew them yet he felt he had to leave them flowers. A woman there watched him leave flowers for her aunt and grandparents.


Source: Hiveminer.com

Matt explained to the woman the situation. The woman couldn’t help but think it was odd, yet also sweet. On a whim, Matt then decided to ask the woman out on a date. The woman thought the same way and said “yes.”

To Be Continued 

And that was how Matt met his wife. It’s a beautiful love story that seemed to have started at the wrong grave. This was not just a meet-cute romantic comedy, it is the best and most modern way to tell a love story using Twitter. Netflix must be jealous.

Source: @sixthformpoet/Twitter

But wait, there’s more! This was merely the beginning part of Matt’s story! The best two parts involve two kids, a homeless person, another marriage, another death, and more.